My parents have always been keen on travelling. They met in Mexico City airport and shortly after my mum flew to Australia to join my father. Growing up, my family moved around Australia and frequently travelled the world, even spending one year in a small village in Mexico. The influence of both Australian and Mexican culture, along with our long trips abroad, sparked my interest in a nomadic lifestyle while also opening my eyes to the many different ways of life there are to be lived.


On My 10th birthday I got my first Unicycle. It was there that my obsession with this impractical object began; using dial up to connect to Youtube so I could learn new tricks and order unicycle magazines. I wanted to be like Kris Holmes, Chris Huriwai or The Poham brothers.

In 2009 my family moved to Wodonga so I could enrol in The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, where I met my best friends and learned to chuck flips. It was there I saw Tom Tom Club and knew I wanted to do circus as a career, first as an entertainer, then later as an artist. I graduated from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus in 2013 after five years that had allowed me to perform in regional Australia and at the Sydney Opera House. A few days after my 18th birthday I flew out to Japan to spend a month training on the unicycle with the Japanese freestyle clubs and working in a Miso soup shop. The rest of the year I spent bartending in Melbourne, performing working in an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory teaching circus to kids and going to the World Unicycle Convention. Early the following year I auditioned for the l'École nationale de cirque.


I have always been heavily influenced by music, especially hip-hop and rap, spending hours between headphones listening to artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Tom Scott and Horrorshow. I like the immense history and culture behind hip hop, I have always struggled to focus on reading but music was a new medium for me to dive into poetry, story telling and language, I still catch myself dancing to beats at the bus stop in the dark. From alleyways to big tops, living rooms to carpark rooftops, street shows to The Sydney Opera house, every corner of the world is a venue. Every drop of sweat weighs the same. I want to devote myself to a culture, to make a living from my passion and further understand the role of art and entertainment in the world.


I am currently residing in Montreal finishing my last year at l'École nationale de cirque.




Photo credit Kosma Roy

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